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New mountain bike trails proposed for Clear Creek County!

Area 28 Idaho springs mountain biking trails

On August 21, mountain bikers packed the house at New Terrain Brewery in Golden, Colorado for an informational meeting about the future for new trails in Clear Creek County. COMBA, Team Evergreen, and The Colorowdies presented the concept of what is now known as Area 28. Members of the mountain biking community posed thought provoking questions and presented ideas for trail design, and fundraising. The commissioners from Clear Creek County witnessed the passion that mountain bikers have for the area.

The City of Idaho Springs goal for Area 28 is to provide world class recreation opportunities for mountain bikers, trail runners and hikers. As mountain bikers we are pursuing a progressive trail network that utilizes some of the established technical trails as well as adds additional moderate to advanced trails. Area 28, in addition to the other proposed trail areas around Idaho Springs, will provide world class mountain biking opportunities. However, this cannot be done without the input and help from the mountain biking community. 

AREA 28 Idaho Springs trail concept plan

Idaho Springs Area 28 mountain bike trails meeting

new terrain brewing co mountain bike trails meetingCOMBA Colorowdies Team Evergreen Area 28 trails concept meeting Colorado Mountain Biking Idaho Springs Area 28 Trails Meeting

Jeff Watrobka Colorowdies VP
Words by Jeff Watrobka, Colorowdies VP // Stewardship and Advocacy
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