Ambassador Team


What’s up with being an “Ambassador?”

As an Ambassador you’ll be on the front line of the Colorado mountain biking community. As we have grown as an organization we made it our priority to give back. In doing so we have become a strong force and we partner with many other great organizations to ensure we have a voice. It’s our joint effort that makes this all possible. We are seeking riders who are motivated beyond their own riding or racing. Trail Work is a huge part of our culture, but we are rooted in riding rowdie and racing enduro. We intend to keep things ROWDIE, but we’re diversifying our efforts this year!

For 2018 we allowing our Ambassadors to decide how they wish to contribute to our crew. These areas of expertise include: Race Team, Trail Crew, Media and Community. We all have unique talents and our goal is to allow each of our Ambassadors to contribute how they choose.

What’s in it for you? 

First of all FUN! Our crew is all about having fun and keeping it ROWDIE! We train, we practice skills, we ride fast, but above all we have fun sharing our love for bikes with our crew. Second, you’ll be influence in our crew and help us shape our future. We value all of our members, but it’s our Ambassadors who we look to for suggestions,

And the part you’ve been waiting for . . .
Discounts and Pro Deal from our sponsors and partner:
Golden Bike Shop – Yeti Cycles, Santa Cruz, Spot Bikes, Pivot, Mondraker, Surly and Salsa. You’ll also get a deep discount for purchases made at Golden Bike Shop throughout the year. Other brands at the shop include Dakine, Giro and POC.
Direct pro deals from:
Honey Stinger
Smith Optics
More coming soon . . .

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