About Us

We’ve all had that moment, the one where we finally cleaned the rock garden, put air under our wheels, broke our personal record. We’ve been with our friends when it happened to them. We’ve shared beers in the parking lot and hoisted shovels and rocks to dig trail. Yes, mountain biking is riding a bike in the mountains, but it’s also a way of life for the Colorowdies.

The Colorowdies Mountain Bike Crew uses mountain bikes to explore and enhance our Colorado backyard. Through social events like group rides, we foster friendships and community. By volunteering with local land agencies to build and maintain trails, we act as stewards of our playground. Through our race team, we help riders progress and achieve their goals. Infused in everything we do is a sense of fun, inclusiveness, and positivity. This, to us, is the essence of Colorowdies.

Our community is open to new members and ideal for the rider looking for fun and inclusiveness. We operate through our Facebook Group as a membership portal that acts as a forum and our primary means of communication members. This is where you can join the conversation and get plugged into to our trail work efforts, group rides, and events. Membership is free and the best to stay informed with the lastest Colorado mountain biking news and updates.  

The Colorowdies Mountain Bike Crew is a community of over 1,200 members and growing. Within our community we have an Ambassador Team of 27 riders who have a specific focus area; Race Team, Trail Team and Community Team. Each team member contributes to the crew to help us achieve our ultimate goals. Our Community and Ambassadors are managed by our Leadership Team of Tony Bentley, Jeff Watrobka, Liz Cunningham, Jeremy Bradshaw and Travis Barrett. We are all Colorowdies, but you can call us Rowdies.


We are a growing community with high hopes and big goals. We welcome your support to help us fund our efforts. Donations are used to purchase tools and equipment for trail work, host and lead community events, and cover our operational and business expenses including media, content sharing and stoke spreading. We appreciate your consideration to support the Colorowdies Mountain Bike Crew.



We were all new riders at one time. Many of us rode solo for years. The Colorowdies Mountain Bike Crew connects us. Our open group setting  welcomes all new members to join our group rides, get in the conversation, and encourage progression. We ask our members to be contributors of our community.


We give back to the cycling community through our financial contributions and volunteer efforts. We have contributed time and dollars to the following events and organizations:  Golden Giddyup, Trips for Kids, Lucky Bikes, Food Bank of the Rockies, COMBA, IMBA, Moab Trail Mix and other trail & land management organizations. All members of the crew are asked to contribute their time and talent to accomplish our mission. Trail building and maintenance are some of our highest priorities.


Improving skills and progressing as riders is integral to our culture. We push limits and challenge each other to get to get stronger, faster, and more confident on the bike.  We do this in a fun, encouraging, and competitive atmosphere. We have all seen fears dissipate and confidence skyrocket.

thank you to our sponsors and supporters

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